Baldwin County, Alabama
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File #: 21-0707    Version: 1
Agenda section: Action Items Status: Passed
File created: 3/23/2021 Meeting type: Baldwin County Commission Regular
On agenda: 4/6/2021 Final action: 4/6/2021
Agenda item title: Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Development of a Master Plan for Baldwin County Commission
Attachments: 1. RFP Master Plan - Final, 2. Planning-Districts Map

Meeting Type:   BCC Regular Meeting

Meeting Date:  4/6/2021

Item Status:   New

From: Wanda Gautney, Purchasing Director/Matthew Brown, Interim Planning & Zoning Director

Submitted by:  Wanda Gautney, Purchasing Director





Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Development of a Master Plan for Baldwin County Commission





Approve and authorize the Purchasing Director to advertise the Request for Proposals for a Master Plan for the Baldwin County Commission.





Previous Commission action/date:  N/A


Background:  The Baldwin County Commission received authority for planning and zoning activities through Act No. 91-719, in 1991, codified in the Code of Alabama as §45-2-261.  The ability to institute county planning and zoning in Alabama is rare and unique with Baldwin County being one of the few counties (out of 67 total counties) to have such authority.  With the rapid development and a changing landscape in Baldwin County, properly planning for this growth is very important so we can sustain such growth while enhancing the livability and the quality of life of residents and visitors.


Pursuant to the planning and zoning authority for Baldwin County, a long-range plan for the County is required, “a master plan for the physical development of the unincorporated areas of Baldwin County.  The master plan with the accompanying maps, plats, charts, and descriptive material shall show the planning commission's recommendations for the use and development of the unincorporated areas of Baldwin County”.  The Code of Alabama describes the use of the master plan when considering ordinances as “the ordinances or regulations shall be made in accordance with a master plan”.  The language “in accordance with a masterplan” is sometimes considered a consistency requirement.  This requirement ensures that “planning” is being considered when implementing zoning ordinances and not just “zoning” without long range considerations.  This prevents ad hoc decisions with no relationship to the long-range vision of the County.  This “consistency” leads to orderly community growth and more effective decision making by ensuring long range plans are implemented.


In the Code of Alabama, case notes for §11-52-9, a distinction between “planning” and “zoning” is made.  The term “planning” refers to the systematic and orderly development of a community with regard for streets, parks, industrial and commercial undertaking, civic beauty, and other kindred matters properly within the police power.  The term “zoning” refers to the regulation of the use of property, to structural and architectural designs of buildings and the character of use of property or the buildings within classified or designated districts.


The Master Plan (also referred to as Comprehensive Plan or Long-Range Plan) is a geographic framework for growth and development in the County.  The Plan expresses a community's desires about the future development and image of the community.  It provides the foundation and framework for making physical development and policy decisions in the future such as zoning, re-zoning, and subdivision decisions.


It creates a framework, that if done properly, coordinates future development decisions in concert with future public infrastructure investment such as roads, water and sewer.  It also provides a level consideration to natural environment issues such as wetlands and creeks. 


Code of Alabama, §45-2-261.03

Code of Alabama, §45-2-261.04(a)

Code of Alabama, §11-52-9, Case notes 1


Planning and Zoning Department is requesting that the attached Request for Proposals for the development of a Master Plan for Baldwin County be advertised.  This plan would be used to help guide zoning decisions for zoned areas based on land use sectors designated for infill growth, intended growth, limited growth, rural use and special use.


In late Fiscal Year 2019, the Commissioned authorized the Purchasing Director to Request RFPs for a Master Plan.  There was only one responding party.  When the pandemic hit, the project was put on hold and never awarded.





Total cost of recommendation:  N/A


Budget line item(s) to be used:  10052730.51500


If this is not a budgeted expenditure, does the recommendation create a need for funding?  $150,000.00 was included in the FY21 budget for this plan.





Is legal review necessary for this staff recommendation and related documents? 



Reviewed/approved by:  N/A


Additional comments:  N/A





Is advertising required for this recommendation?  N/A


If the proof of publication affidavit is not attached, list the reason: N/A





For time-sensitive follow up, select deadline date for follow up:  04/06/2021


Individual(s) responsible for follow up:  Wanda Gautney, Purchasing Director


Action required (list contact persons/addresses if documents are to be mailed or emailed):  Mail RFP


Additional instructions/notes:  N/A