Baldwin County, Alabama
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File created: 11/15/2022 Meeting type: Baldwin County Commission Regular
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Agenda item title: Annual Approval of County Take Home Vehicle List - December 2022
Attachments: 1. 2022 December - County Take Home Vehicle List 20221205

Meeting Type:   BCC Regular Meeting

Meeting Date:  12/5/2022

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From: Ronald J. Cink, Interim County Administrator/Budget Director

Submitted by:  Victoria Key, Administrative Support Specialist





Annual Approval of County Take Home Vehicle List - December 2022




Approve the revised County Take Home Vehicle List - December 2022.

The total number of Baldwin County Commission departmental staff driving County owned vehicles home is 219.




Background:  Baldwin County Commission Policy #2.9 provides that, in December of each year, the Interim County Administrator shall present a current list of employees who drive County owned vehicles assigned to the Baldwin County Commission.  The Interim County Administrator has collected data on all vehicles assigned to department directors, elected officials and staff.  These vehicles are further defined by the number of vehicles driven home and by whom, for the Baldwin County Commission to review and approve.  If changes occur during the year, staff brings the revised list to the Baldwin County Commission to review and approve.


Add employees listed below:


BCSO - nine (9) officers

EMA - Tom Tyler, Deputy Director

EMA - Vernon Dandridge, Planning and Grants Division Manager

Solid Waste - Robby Stanford, Master Mechanic


By approving the revised list, staff will be able to provide the Clerk / Treasurer with an accurate list of employees for tax purposes.


Previous Commission action/date:  September 6, 2022 - Last revision to County Take Home Vehicle List.




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