Baldwin County, Alabama
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File #: 23-0250    Version: 1
Agenda section: Consent Status: Agenda Ready
File created: 11/17/2022 Meeting type: Baldwin County Commission Regular
On agenda: 12/5/2022 Final action:
Agenda item title: Merchant Services Agreement with CardConnect for Solid Waste Landfill / Scale Locations
Attachments: 1. CardConnect Merchant Processing Application and Agreement (REDACTED), 2. CardConnect Merchant Services Program Terms and Conditions

Meeting Type:   BCC Regular Meeting

Meeting Date:  12/5/2022

Item Status:   New

From: Terri Graham, Development and Environmental Director

Submitted by:  Suzanne Doughty, Accounting Manager





Merchant Services Agreement with CardConnect for Solid Waste Landfill / Scale Locations




Take the following actions:

1) Approve the CardConnect Merchant Processing Application and Agreement; and

2) Approve the CardConnect Merchant Services Program Terms and Conditions.

The initial term of this Agreement is three years from the date of approval by CareConnect Credit Department.

E End



Previous Commission action/date:  04/01/2014 - Last BCC Merchant Services Agreement approval with Hamer Enterprises.


Background:  Brad Hicks, County Attorney, has reviewed and approved the manual strike through on the personal guarantee section of the CardConnect Merchant Processing Application and Agreement.


The Application and Agreement is to be executed first in order to obtain approval by CardConnect.


The Solid Waste Landfill Scale Operations is migrating to a new software that allows for credit card transactions to be more easily and accurately processed compared to our current software provider which requires double entry in order to capture the credit card funds (each transaction is keyed via a website and subsequently the funds must be posted to each scale ticket transaction). This isn’t efficient but due to current software limitations that was our only option to accept cards.


The new scaling software, which is set for a tentative go-live date of January 1, 2023, recommends CardConnect as the processor for use within the software.  The service fee will be a flat 3.5% per transaction compared to our current rate of $1.50 per transaction, regardless of the amount processed.  For the majority of Solid Waste customers, the new card processor fee structure will result in a decrease to what the customer is charged to use a card.  The new provider gives charge customers the option of paying account balances via credit / debit card and the ability to use American Express.


The current credit card merchant agreement has been in place since April of 2014.  In order to receive the necessary hardware and perform testing prior to going live on January 1, 2023, the agreement needs to be executed as soon as possible.




Total cost of recommendation:  3.5% fee per scale transaction will be passed on to customer.


Budget line item(s) to be used:  N/A


If this is not a budgeted expenditure, does the recommendation create a need for funding?  N/A





Is legal review necessary for this staff recommendation and related documents? 



Reviewed/approved by:  Brad Hicks, County Attorney (11/18/2022)


Additional comments:  Approved with the exception of the personal guarantee.





Is advertising required for this recommendation?  N/A


If the proof of publication affidavit is not attached, list the reason: N/A




For time-sensitive follow up, select deadline date for follow up:  N/A


Individual(s) responsible for follow up:  Solid Waste Collection Administration


Action required (list contact persons/addresses if documents are to be mailed or emailed):  N/A


Additional instructions/notes:  N/A